How would you describe Franklin?

I don’t mean in a lengthy paragraph or two.

I’m talking brief, concise.

In the past on many occasions I used the term “Tax Hell.”

Oh my. A golden oldie. Ancient news. I’m 93.6% certain he doesn’t feel that way anymore.

In 2014 I also called Franklin a “retail sieve.”

2019: Franklin still is. The city needs to get down on its hands and knees and thank Mike Zimmerman.

Regular readers know how I’ve been critical of growth-dead Franklin. City officials are in denial. Our economic development director is kept in a cave, and has said and done virtually nothing to advance Franklin. But she’s the mayor’s hire so, you go figure.

The absolutely last descriptive term to describe Franklin in my view would be:



Are you nuts, crazy, out of your mind, one French fry short of a Happy Meal?

But that’s what the website GOBankingRates is claiming.

Their main focus isn’t Franklin. No sir.

Wisconsin: Madison

  • 5-year change in population: 6.1%
  • 10-year change in population: 13.2%
  • 5-year change in owner-occupied housing units: 1%
  • 10-year change in owner-occupied housing units: 5.6%
  • 5-year change in per capita income: 11.7%
  • 10-year change in per capita income: 22.8%

In Madison, the 10-year percentage change in the population of 13.2% exceeded the national average of 7.45%.


Population. The website said “Boomtowns are considered the fastest-growing cities in America due to rapid business and population growth.”

When it comes to Franklin, designating it as a boomtown couldn’t possibly be due to “rapid business growth.”

What business growth? And rapid? What were they smokin’?

Label this one: FAKE NEWS

2 thoughts on “How would you describe Franklin?

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