UPDATE: 30 seconds of celebrating America = a $3,000 fine?

Previously on This Just In…

The update:

Today at 3:50 (July 4th), 10 minutes before Markel was going to shoot off his cannons, a Greenfield police captain scurried up his driveway and politely, respectfully informed that the patriotic display could not go on.

The captain said Greenfield’s new police chief wants to try to resolve the matter between Markel and complainers, possibly a change in the city ordinance, so Markel could hopefully blast the cannons next year. But as for today, there was no show.

A crowd that had gathered was disappointed. They weren’t angry. They did not protest.

Markel said one of those who complained was his next door neighbor, whom he actually likes.

He then led everyone, including the captain in several choruses:

1-2-3, followed by everyone shouting “BOOM!”

A young woman performed Taps. No word on whether that violated Greenfield’s noise ordinance, but the captain on the scene took no action.

So the NIMBYs in Greenfield have won, for now.

This is why people despise the government.




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