2019 Franklin Independence Day Parade

Our annual parade re-cap.

We sat near the end of the parade route on Drexel. The first units arrived at 11:10.


MAYOR STEVE OLSON: Walked the route this year along with his wife, Beverly. Good to see him feeling better. Steve, sorry we didn’t get a photo, at least Elvis-style (from the waist up).

LOTS OF COMMON COUNCIL AND SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS WERE THERE, TOO: I managed to escape with my wallet intact.

BEST NEW ADDITIONS: A tie. Members of the UW Marching Band and The Milwaukee Milkmen, who brought along BO-VINE. Kyla has wanted to meet him in the worst way.

Image may contain: Jennifer Fischer, smiling, standing, tree, sky and outdoor

ALWAYS GREAT TO SEE: All the veterans.

MOTHER NATURE: Boo! No clouds. No breeze.

NOT A DROP IN THE SKY: Still, umbrellas galore.

SMARTEST PARADE ATTENDEES: The family on Drexel selling water and flavored water. Heard one customer say it was perfect “for those who forgot.”


Image may contain: 4 people, including Jennifer Fischer and Steve F. Taylor, people smiling, people standing, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

LITTLE STAR: The kid from Chosun Black Belt Academy in Franklin who was breaking boards with his head.

IT’S ALWAYS ELECTION TIME: Local judicial candidates running in April of 2020 were on hand.

GOD LOVE ‘EM: The folks from Root River Church who once again handed out free root beer floats to the fortunate. We were not so lucky.

THANK YOU SCOUTS: For the American flags.

MY WIFE GOT SO EXCITED: When the Syrena Polish dancers passed by to authentic Polish music.


WORST TREAT TOSSED TO CROWD: Bubble gum. Think of the road later.


ONE OF FRANKLIN’S FINEST: From Today’s TMJ 4, Lance Allan.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Jennifer Fischer, people smiling, people standing, shoes, sky and outdoor

I DIDN’T SCORE A ROOT BEER FLOAT, BUT: Thanks Point After Pub and Grille for the $5.00 discount card.

PERFECT MUSIC CHOICE: “We Will We Will Rock You” by the Milwaukee Milkmen ensemble.


GAPS, WHAT ABOUT THE GAPS?: There were gaps. At the very beginning after Police Chief Rick Oliva drove by there was a gap I timed at five minutes. However there were fewer gaps this year and they weren’t as long. I’m not sure if special attention was given to the issue this year, but it’s about time. And there’s still room for improvement.

PARADE LENGTH: About 70 minutes. In that heat, it was plenty long.

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