Hot coffee? When the temp hits 90?

I saw plenty of it today. Folks sipping on coffee, while sitting outside a coffee joint.

I just don’t get it.

Here’s a blog I wrote in July of 2011 that’s been slightly edited:

Hey, how about a nice steaming hot cup of coffee?

Are you crazy?

It’s 90 degrees outside!!!

Hot coffee???

No, I am not crazy.

Personally, I would never touch the stuff when the thermometer hits those kinds of  digits.

But I know plenty of others do.

I'm so addicted to coffee, I chew on other peoples fingernails Coffee Mug in Metallic Colors

I have witnessed the incredible control coffee has over a human being. The quest for high-powered coffee didn’t stop today. I observed coffee freaks sitting outside Alterra.

If they were having iced coffee, fine. Wait a minute. Not so fine. Why are you sitting outside in 90 degree weather sipping coffee, hot or iced? Does AC turned on turn you off?

An old TV sitcom episode comes to mind (and forgive me, I don’t remember which one) where a character mentioned you consume a hot drink to cool you off, that it was physics.


Do hot drinks cool you down, because if they do, I’m doing it all wrong.

Here’s the answer at

I have also seen a number of folks dining under umbrellas outside at popular restaurants when the weather gets hellish.

It makes absolutely no sense.

For heaven’s sake, drink your $4 latte and eat your spinach salad INSIDE!

One thought on “Hot coffee? When the temp hits 90?

  1. Back in the mid-fifties, Sun Drop soda had “Refreshing As a Cup of Coffee” printed on their bottles. I always wondered about this but not any more.


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