‘It’s tough to shop locally’

Tell me about it.

“…many people living in smaller Wisconsin communities now have to travel farther to find a wider variety of goods and enjoyable shopping experiences.”

This is not just a Franklin problem. No, this one traverses statewide.

The Journal Sentinel’s page one-above the fold story in today’s paper is a re-print of a Wausau Daily Herald article that examines the impact on WI consumers of thousands of store closings (Here in Franklin the issue isn’t closings, it’s failing to achieve actual openings).

With nearby exception Oak Creek exploding, Franklin NIMBYs on social media have been explicit with their “Who cares” comments, that Franklin doesn’t need all that growth, and we can just hop in our cars and shop elsewhere. As today’s article points out, that’s not  an alternative for many folks in WI.

Here’s some related material I previously blogged about: Franklin is a retail sieve.

But there’s hope, Franklin. We’ve got a new logo!🤣

One thought on “‘It’s tough to shop locally’

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