6 thoughts on “The Milwaukee Brewers vs. the Milwaukee Milkmen

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      • DENIAL / dɪˈnaɪ əl / : Disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing.

        “Exaggerated statements???” What else is one to call “excessive noise and blinding lights” It’s a lame rebuttal and opinion coming from someone who is not affected by the abuse and has no empathy for the abused and a desire for fair play. Ask the people who have been shafted by the location of the Rock and learn for yourself if this is an “exaggeration” .

        The Rock produces excessive noise and blinding lights and now overbearing noise is coming from the booming speakers routinely announcing the score, the plays, players, audience games, etc. that is adding more aggravation for those that are forced to endure that crap. Citizen complaints have been rolling in.

        Did anyone ever notice where they put Milwaukee County Stadium? No complaints from that quarter! Backward Franklin, Milwaukee County, and other responsible Zounderkites just did not care about anyone else in their greedy goals when they chose this location.


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