Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: The Winstons and a twist

There aren’t all that many great, or even very, very good Father’s Day songs.

Oh Mein Papa – Eddie Fisher

Daddy’s Hands – Holly Dunn

Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle

Daddy Sang Bass – Johnny Cash

Here’s one that fits into our occasional series this year of songs from 1969, 50 years ago.

The Winstons firmly are entrenched into that “one-hit wonder” category. They were an inter-racial group that got their start in Washington D.C. The lead singer, Richard Spencer was inspired to write a song about a stepfather that treated his stepchildren as if they were his own. Spencer’s “real” dad left town and his family on a Greyhound bus and was not “killed in the war” as he wrote in the song that reached #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 1969. It also won an R & B Grammy Award.

What an interesting twist. This successful record about a father is really a song about a stepfather.

An image of The Winstons taken from a 1969 edition of Billboard magazine.

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