Is there a This is a joke, right?

Yes, this is a joke. There is no At least not a website that refers to Franklin, WI.

The motivation for this post came a few Sundays ago when I was driving home from church. I was surfing the AM Radio dial and on Newstalk 1130 WISN Paul Kronforst (Mark Belling’s producer)  was hosting a public affairs program. He was interviewing a guest, Nancy Justman, the President and CEO at Visit Brookfield for the past 10 years.

Justman spoke eloquently about the attractions and destinations of her beloved Brookfield. I’m sure a lot of listeners would have changed the station immediately.


I didn’t. I wanted to hear more about how Brookfield was promoting and marketing their community. And the more I listened, the more impressed I was.

Let’s begin with Brookfield’s slogan.

Short. Simple. Easy to understand. Conveys a ton in just a little.


That’s good. Real good.

Franklin would require eons to come up with something half as effective.

Does anyone know Franklin’s marketing slogan?

You don’t?


Can’t understand why Franklin’s economic development whiz kid/guru Calli Berg hasn’t come up with one or two or three by now. I guess we have to hire some PR firms she can recommend to help the city out in that regard since she can’t suggest any on her own.

Back to Visit Brookfield.

Looking for something to do?

There’s so much to choose from in Brookfield.

The website offers, are you ready, 53 examples. 53.

How many here in Franklin? Well, ahem, let’s just move on, shall we.

Brookfield boasts:

“You’ll have more than 150 restaurants to choose from.”

I’m blown away. Don’t need 150, but damn, in Franklin I’d be happy with 10.

Oh, this is a beauty.


The Brookfield website  lists examples.  Does it ever.




Franklin also has 305 opportunities. But you have to physically get in your car and drive out of the city in order to get to them.

Brookfield has romantic getaway hotel packages. Franklin has…an occasional full moon?

See the Brookfield campaign here.

Meanwhile in Franklin, Mayor Steve Olson and his protege Calli Berg believe they have struck genius with this

A new logo.

Try not to get too excited.

“We asked our residents, ‘what makes us different’ and we had an enlightening response. This new branding expresses what residents said is the core reason they love being in Franklin,” said City of Franklin Mayor Steve Olson. “The new logo and tagline give Franklin an identity that is true and unapologetic. What we have created is powerful because it is simple.”

“The new branding will help us communicate more effectively, build a sense of pride, and also attract new residents, visitors and businesses. “Celebrating Quality of Life” expresses our community’s key attributes that we want to retain as our city grows,” said Calli Berg, City of Franklin Economic Development Director.

Look out everybody. Stampede.

Here comes the rush of new businesses, employers,  job creation, economic development skyrocketing, local growth and prosperity.

Uh, no.

How embarrassing.

A page would never amount to a page.



Image result for image, photo, picture, franklin, wi water tower

Will have to be changed to match this…

At what cost?

You fool. Doesn’t matter. Cost and spending is never an object in “Please, take my wallet” Franklin.

On the road today (Thursday) I was listening to mark Belling on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He gave an example that is perfect for this blog.

Belling’s main focus was WHY UWM was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars since Miller Park opened to place huge signs advertising the school inside the stadium. During his argument he pulled a vintage Belling.

He described  a scenario where a 16-year old at a ballgame sees the UWM sign in the outfield and reacts to his mother.

“I was going to go to Virginia Tech, but I saw that UWM sign” and that’s where I want to go!


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