Your Sunday morning bias in the MJS

When the editor(s) of a daily newspaper put it together, a decision must be made as to which story, the biggest, most important  should be placed on Page One, above the fold.
Today the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel went with…

More than 1600 words on interviews conducted LAST WEEKEND at the state Democratic Party Convention. More than two dozen delegates according to Craig Gilbert’s article were interviewed by “a reporter” (it was him). And by golly a whole bunch of them managed to get quoted in the story.

In essence Gilbert and the paper allowed the delegates a front page opportunity in the state’s largest newspaper to wail and gnash their teeth, to “agonize” about whether to impeach their hated enemy.  It’s a 1600-plus word assault on the president with the only rebuttal a brief statement by a state GOP party official.

At the state Republican Party Convention a few weeks ago that Gilbert also covered the majority of the paper’s focus is on an “autopsy” report done by the GOP about their failures in 2018. Other than excerpts from that report, WI Republican Congressman Sean Duffy is the only Republican quoted. Apparently Gilbert couldn’t find any delegates to engage in a conversation. He did add a few paragraphs about a Democrat report in 2014 critiquing the party’s own mishaps, but the article predominantly trashes Wisconsin’s red party.

This is no surprise. Neither is the paper’s decline.

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