KABOOM!!! Ballpark Commons haters’ heads will explode!

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The Milwaukee Milkmen open their American Association schedule tonight on the road in St. Paul. The home opener at the Ballpark Commons in Routine Field in Franklin is set for June 24.

Milkmen games are going to be a lot of fun as the team will offer a number of great promotions. One of them will be Boom With a Beat nights (fireworks synched to theme music).

There are seven Boom with a Beat Nights scheduled, each featuring fireworks and a wide range of musical genres sure to be a hit with all ages. They are: Home Opener Fanfare (June 24), 50 Years of Led Zeppelin (June 27), Woodstock 50th Anniversary with 3D fireworks (July 12), Live Polka (July 27), Country Night (August 9), 80’s Hair Rock (August 23), and Fan’s Choice (August 31).


Can you imagine?


And music!

Most of the events are on Friday nights.

Surely this will send apoplectic Ballpark Commons opponents into orbit. I’m talking about the ultra-NIMBY crowd that shows up at Franklin Common Council meetings to moan and groan and whine. They’re rude, arrogant, and totally disrespectful. You can just sense the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

“Insufferable earth-shattering noise.”

“That loud music.”

“Bright lights. Make it stop!”

“Out of control traffic.”

“How would you like it if it was near your house?”

I bet they’re an absolute riot at parties.

Personally, I can’t wait.


UPDATE: The Milkmen won their opening game, 5-4 in 13 innings.

5 thoughts on “KABOOM!!! Ballpark Commons haters’ heads will explode!

  1. This development should have never been placed where it is. If there would have been some intelligent forethought and not just being blinded by greed and indifference to those who will suffer deteriorated living conditions, that were created by profiteers of development and the on-the-take politicians of the city and county, these troubles could have been eliminated. No one seems to have noticed where they built Milwaukee County Stadium!

    Those who are not affected by having to live surrounding this deprecating environment could care less about those who will have to suffer with it. Maybe someday people will understand this when it is their turn for this kind of treatment.


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