The DUMBEST question by an NBA sideline reporter, or any sports reporter for that matter

It happened tonight after the Milwaukee Bucks beat Boston, in Boston, 113-101, to take a commanding 3-1 lead in the best of seven game series.

The Bucks have now won three in a row in this series.

  • Game 2: Bucks 123, Celtics 102
  • Game 3: Bucks 123, Celtics 116
  • Game 4: Bucks 113, Celtics 101

Following the Bucks win, TNT’s reporter Kristen Ledlow questioned Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo as the Bucks are now headed back to Milwaukee for Game 5 that could clinch the series Wednesday night.

Ledlow asked Giannis if the Bucks were going to make any “adjustments” for that game. Mind you the Bucks have won three games in a row in the series, two straight in Boston, by 21, 7, and 12 points.

Giannis asked Ledlow to repeat the question. Maybe he simply didn’t hear the question. Or maybe he was so stunned at how incredibly stupid the question was.

Ledlow repeated her brain dead inquiry.

Now why would the Bucks make any possible changes in the way they’re playing?

Giannis said no, that the Bucks would continue to play their game, and then politely ended the conversation.

(UPDATE: You can see the video of the post-game interview in this article.)

Why do the networks even have these silly interviews with reporters trying to act as though they have just posed the most analytical question of all-time, only to have a dull response where the audience learns absolutely nothing.

And let’s face it. The fact is 99.99% of the time the reporters asking these ridiculous questions are women, severely hampering their opportunities at advancement.


After the Bucks humiliating loss to Boston in Game One at Fiserv Forum, on an ESPN panel, former Boston star Paul Pierce said this…

“It’s over,” Paul Pierce said. Yes, it is over. For his Celtics.

Finally, TNT analyst Charles Barkley went from ridiculing the Bucks at halftime tonight for taking “stupid shots” to predicting after the game that the Bucks would win it all.

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