Week-ends (05/04/19)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Marty Schreiber

Juan Carlos Beristain

Marc Johnson

Sam Floyd


John T. Earnest

The measles


“It is not right to say our investment in Wisconsin has changed. We suspended the work around October, November last year because the weather there was snowy and icy cold. We will continue our work in May when the weather gets warmer.”
Foxconn Technology Group leader Terry Gou

“If we, as a city, are going to commit to take the streetcar north, we also need to commit at the same time to taking it south. We need to ensure that all parts of the city are included and treated fairly.

“Stopping the streetcar at 1st and Pittsburgh is simply not good enough. The streetcar line must be extended to 6th and National, the gateway to the Latino community.

“The City needs to commit to the planning and engineering work to bring the line into the Latino community.”
Milwaukee Alderman Jose Perez

“Forget about the fact that the first circulator loop isn’t done yet. The Couture about which so much ink was spilled remains months behind schedule and little more than a good intention at the moment.

“Forget about the fact that, for all the excitement about “The Hop”, the system for counting its passengers broke only a few weeks ago and we still don’t know how many people are willing to ride it when it’s free, much less when there’s a fare required.

“Forget about the fact that the federal government has repeatedly refused the Mayor’s requests for grant money for streetcar extensions leaving all of us not in on his secrets to dread how he imagines this extension will be paid for.

“What I cannot get over is that, with basic services slipping and neighborhoods crumbling, Mayor Barrett chooses this precious moment of optimism and hope to pursue the most divisive policy imaginable. I am amazed at this.”
Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan on talks of expanding the downtown streetcar

“For me, it is over.”
Sen. Lindsey Graham, the Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, set the tone for his party at an extraordinary hearing with Attorney General William Barr over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and possible obstruction of justice by President Donald Trump

“His work concluded when he sent his report to the attorney general. At that point it was my baby, and I was making a decision as to whether or not to make it public… it was my decision how and when to make it public, not Bob Mueller’s.”
Attorney General William Barr at his first appearance before Congress since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election

America deserves better. You should resign.” 
Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, accused Attorney General Barr of a coverup

“Here’s the irony. The Mueller report spent millions investigating and found no collusion between Trump and Russia, but the Democrats paid for a document created by a foreign national with reported foreign government sources. That’s the definition of collusion.”
Chuck Grassley, the most senior Republican in the Senate

“It goes without saying that someone who commits a serious crime must pay his or her debt to society. But punishment for a crime, or keeping dangerous people behind bars, does not cause people to lose their rights to citizenship. It should not cause them to lose their right to vote. This should not devolve into a debate about whether certain people are ‘good enough’ to have the right to vote. Voting is not a privilege. It is a right. In my view, the crooks on Wall Street who caused the great recession of 2008 that hurt millions of Americans are not ‘good’ people. But they have the right to vote, and it should never be taken away.”
Bernie Sanders

“When I became an educator in 2012, I never thought the profession I chose would lead to me sleeping in my car. But that’s exactly what happened in one of my first years of teaching, when my public educator salary fell short and I had to list my own apartment on Airbnb just to keep up with the bills.

“I still advertise my apartment for temporary visitors. Many, many times I had to stay with my parents or on friends’ couches, but on one occasion that wasn’t an option, so my Chevy Sonic had to suffice. I slept in my car catching whatever rest I could in the safest place I could think of — the parking lot of Pascual LeDoux Academy, the Denver public school where I teach early childhood education. Educators shouldn’t have to struggle as I have, parking outside the view of security cameras to sleep at night.”
Dana Berge is a public school teacher at Pascual LeDoux Academy in Denver


A bus driver rapes, a man keeps girl captive and neither are going to prison

Veteran suicides


50-year low for unemployment


AG Barr is a chicken and Trump cheerleader


Holy crap!


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