You decide: Franklin rebranding effort too expensive?

Hmm. Let’s see. If I’m reading this report by Erik Hanley correctly:

  • The City of Franklin began discussing rebranding itself in 2016. It’s now 2019.
  • A private citizen came forward and offered to supply a logo design for free.
  • He did. It wasn’t well-received (I personally didn’t care for it), and was rejected. The artist received a nominal fee for his efforts.
  • The city then talked with several firms before choosing one to work on the rebranding.
  • At a public meeting residents expressed concern that the cost to create a new logo was too expensive.
  • City Hall didn’t listen. They opted to contract with a company to do a complete rebranding project, including a new logo.
  • The choices for a new logo are down to two (I submit they’re underwhelming).
  • The cost is more than $81,000.

Trying to keep costs down is not how Franklin operates.

A new logo and brand won’t drive people here, Create businesses and jobs, serve to promote the city in any significant manner, or generate excitement.

There are ways to revitalize Franklin. Leaders don’t appear to be interested.


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