Local municipal leaders banking on “Dark Store” legislation could get stymied again

Action they hope will be taken at the state level may not happen in 2019.  That’s according to a new article by Steve Walters, retired Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who covered the WI Legislature for many years who still writes about goings-on at the state Capitol.

Walters reports that folks like Franklin Mayor Steve Olson who has stood side-by-side with a host of lefty pols could likely suffer a serious setback for the second year in a row.

That’s because some legislators are working on a handful of compromises to legislation that was rejected last year. The local officials like Olson don’t want the compromises. They want what has failed in the past. And Walters reports that’s not gonna happen.

Of course anything can happen in the months ahead. But as Walters, a veteran of state political coverage points out, the odds are against Olson and his buddies. Despite their overwhelming public relations advantage on this matter, based on misrepresentation and a complete refusal to acknowledge the other side of this debate, the so-called “Dark Store” reformers as of right now are headed towards failure.

I’ve blogged extensively on this issue if you care to hear about the other side.

One thought on “Local municipal leaders banking on “Dark Store” legislation could get stymied again

  1. How well-founded are the words of Steve Walters, a has-been reporter, who may have ulterior motives re. his comment?
    Is this another piece of discouraging psychological percolation for the thoughts of the majority of taxpayers who know this legislation is corrupt and will help keep our taxes high?


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