Today’s highly interesting read (04/18/19): A Giant Laid Low by Too Many Blows to the Head

Today’s read is about football and the danger of the sport.

Coming out of the University of Colorado several years ago, Ryan Miller, a behemoth, was almost a sure pick in the NFL draft. He was destined to play pro football on Sunday afternoons.

Miller was drafted in the 5th round of the 2012 NFL draft.

He played for:

Cleveland (2012-2013)

Denver (2014)

San Diego (2014)

Dallas (2015)

Not exactly  a lengthy NFL career. But enough to do damage.

from a NY Times reporter who interviewed Miller:

Head bursting, nausea rising, please shut off the lights, please. I interviewed Miller twice, our talks separated by 22 months, and he is doing better, which is not to suggest this thoughtful and soft-spoken 29-year-old is anywhere near what he wants to be.

When I met him in 2017 Miller had spent the previous hour in a darkened room, breathing slowly. He would get into his car and sit for hours, trying to remember where he intended to go. He would walk into airports, and lights and noise and crowds made him want to curl into a fetal ball.

The brutality of the N.F.L. and its malefactions and lack of care for players’ bodies and minds are well known. But the time a player spends in college, including Miller’s tenure in the savage trenches of an offensive line, wreaks great damage, too, and that raises a pointed question: How can universities, places of higher learning that are devoted to the development of young minds and that in some cases spend millions of dollars researching the ill effects of brain injuries, justify running multimillion-dollar football machines that put those brains at risk of lifelong damage?

Read the entire piece here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (04/18/19): A Giant Laid Low by Too Many Blows to the Head

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