About Thursday’s big news…

This quote comes from conservative blogger Matt Vespa:

The Mueller report drops tomorrow. The long wait is over, but it’s not. You know Democrats aren’t going to be happy. You know they want the grand jury evidence to be released, which isn’t going to happen. You know the legion of morons that is the Democratic Party will continue to peddle the Russian collusion myth, along with Attorney General William Barr is a pro-Trump political operative. Oh, and Trump himself is an agent of the Kremlin. This will be amplified, though the ending will be the same: the Left eating crap again over the lack of evidence to prove Russian collusion. As for the obstruction of justice, there was no crime. There cannot be obstruction. Those peddling this shoddy talking point are already anti-Trump clowns, so I will take the fact that Mueller and DAG Rosenstein punting on this issue as a sign: there’s not enough there.


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