Today’s highly interesting read (04/03/19): How Much Longer Will MLB Stadiums Be For Baseball Fans?

The home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here are just a few comments from social media about the ballpark:

This experience starts as soon as the car is parked. Just like a Packer or Badger game everyone comes together as if it were a family reunion. The Parking lot weather it be general or preferred is one big party. The smell puts anyone in the mood for baseball and summer in general. Bag toss and other tailgating games are common. Everyone is decked out in Brewer shwag (gear) so if you have some wear it. Time fly’s when your tailgating at MP. It is just about game time. Take a stroll past Miller Parks little brother. A miraculous little league diamond that mimics the park and makes you wish that 12 years old could be again. Steps away are Brewer legends. The hall of fame statues serve as a perfect meeting spot. Watch out for o’l Hank hes got a big bat. The stadium itself towers high overhead and looks really cool from 100 or so yrds out when looking at the grand entry.

Another great thing about the park is that it has reasonable food and drink prices.

As ballpark food goes, Miller Park ranks up there. A very wide selection of brats/sausages/pizza/ chicken/fish/pasta/cheese curds/cheese fries/and on and on. I’ve been to several sold-out Cubs games here and I never stand in line for long at any concession or restroom. So much different than Wrigley where the lines cause you to miss a half-inning. Miller Park has a very clean, efficient feel to it. Its a must-see for any baseball enthusiast.

But in today’s read, has found examples at other stadiums that have not been fan-friendly.

MLB teams across the country have ensured that the actual experience of attending a baseball game is increasingly laden with hassle and expense.

The most recent example of a team squeezing fans from every angle possible can be found in the Washington Nationals’ bag ban. Joining in the American tradition of impeding ease of access to public spaces through feckless security theater, the Nats announced that backpacks will no longer be allowed in the stadium.

The Rays announced earlier this year that their stadium will be going completely cashless this season.

And there’s more. You can read it all right here.

3 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (04/03/19): How Much Longer Will MLB Stadiums Be For Baseball Fans?

  1. Ticket prices too high. Food and drink prices too high. It is a shame to the park administrators that the average wage-earning father cannot take his children to a game without destroying the family budget. There is far too much greed in some quarters.


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