Today’s highly interesting read (03/29/19): Save the world, have more babies

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Today’s read is from an editorial by the Washington Examiner.

“There’s scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult,” AOC said in a recent video message. “And it does lead young people to have a legitimate question: Is it OK to still have children?”

Life is better today than it was 200 years ago. It was better then than the 200 years before that, and the 2,000 years before that. Human history, in general, is an upward slope in the length and quality of life. Unfortunate events and bad people frequently disrupt or even temporarily reverse the trajectory, but improvement is the norm. The trend is generally up.

What has caused this improvement in human life over the centuries?

Read the entire editorial here.


Today’s highly interesting read (03/28/19): Dirty Deal – WI Supreme Court candidate’s husband wrote legislation to benefit his company

Huge statewide election next Tuesday. For state Supreme Court justice, liberal candidate Lisa Neubauer, currently the chief justice of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, is running against the conservative Brian Hagedorn.

Neubauer has publicly ripped outside spending, unless, of course, such spending benefits her. Then, not a word. The nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign has reported that outside groups, mostly those aligned with liberal causes, have outspent the ones backing Hagedorn by a 14-to-1 margin.

Today’s read is lengthy. Even so, the extensive article is worth a read because it shows clear unethical activity by Neubauer and her husband, complete with facts that should automatically disqualify Neubauer from your vote.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest from the read by the MacIver Institute. Pay close attention:

A janitorial supplies company owned by Supreme Court candidate Lisa Neubauer’s Democratic Party power player husband could have really cleaned up — thanks to legislation crafted by the businessman.

There were a lot of “cozy connections.” The article, as mentioned, is lengthy, but it clearly connects the dots to unethical activity.

Please read it all, then vote next Tuesday for Brian Hagedorn.

In Franklin, aldermanic candidate hits incumbent as being too progressive

And she’s right.

Challenger Michelle Eichmann is blasting Franklin Alderman Dan Mayer in a mailer that reads:

Who is Dan Mayer???

Dan Mayer has spent the past 6 years hiding from the voters in order to conceal his
progressive beliefs.

Dan Mayer has voted to raise your property taxes at every opportunity. As an alderman and former school board member, Dan Mayer hasn’t seen a tax increase that he won’t support. He is the epitome of a tax and spend liberal.

Dan Mayer voted for outrageous high cost employee benefits that taxpayers fund,
same benefits that taxpayers like yourself don’t receive in the private sector. Why?? Because Dan Mayer is a government employee in a neighboring municipality.

Dan Mayer bailed on his community to further his own career once again proving he doesn’t have the City of Franklin’s best interest at heart.

Dan Mayer is anti-growth, anti-economic development, was anti-Kayla’s Playground, and after voting for Ballpark Commons is now anti-Ballpark Commons because he is up for re-election.

If Elected…..

I will not vote for a budget that raises taxes.

I will support economic development to reduce our tax burden.

I will work with residents to provide a great quality of life.

I will openly listen to ALL concerns of the residents in my district.

I will work with our Police and Fire Departments to maintain a safe community.

I will be a community leader you can trust and depend on.

I will ALWAYS put Franklin First.

Authorized and Paid for by Friends of Michelle L. Eichmann, Paul Dausman, Treasurer

Please share with your friends and neighbors in District 2

Who’s the favorite to win the NCAA basketball tournament?

What if we were to focus solely on free-throw shooting? How would the teams remaining in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament rank in team free-throw shooting percentage? This is according to the NCAA for the season in games played through March 24, 2019, the very latest stats.

Tennessee is the best free-throw shooting team left in the tournament at 76.4%. For a team percentage that’s very, very good.

Who’s next in second? That would be Gonzaga at 76.2%.

And then VA Tech at 76%, Michigan State at 75.7%, LSU at 75.4%, Florida State at 74.6%, Kentucky at 74.4%, North Carolina at 74.2%, Virginia at 74.0%, Purdue at 73.2%.

To get below 70% you get Duke at 68.7%.

If you think this analysis is unimportant or not significant, watch these video clips from the 2008 Memphis/Kansas championship game.

I endorse Michelle Eichmann in Franklin aldermanic District 2 race

In Franklin next Tuesday, Election Day, incumbent District 2 Alderman Dan Mayer faces off against Michelle Eichmann for a three-year term.

I do not live in this district. But based on my extensive following of Franklin politics I wholeheartedly endorse Eichmann in this race. Mayer needs to go for several reasons.

Let’s talk about Mayer’s fitness to serve and lead.

Conduct unbecoming of an alderman

This and this alone should be ample reason to send Mayer packing.

Mayer later apologized, but it was far too late. The damage had  been done. The renewal of Pautz’s term on the Parks Commission was rejected by the Council that couldn’t wait to dump him.

Mayer on Ballpark Commons

A mysouthnow article last June about a Franklin Common Council meeting noted there were several items on the agenda dealing with approvals of various components of the Ballpark Commons project. Ballpark Commons is in Mayer’s district.

Many of the votes to approve were 4-1 in favor. Mayer was the lone ‘no’ vote every single time.

Obviously Mayer is no friend or supporter of Ballpark Commons. Hell, if I represented that district I’d personally be doing cartwheels and rolling out the red carpet.

City, county, state and other officials and special

On June 7, 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony for Ballpark Commons was held.

Every Franklin Common Council member was there, except Dan Mayer.

It’s apparent to me that Mayer has sold out to the vocal minority (on his Facebook page Alderman Steve Taylor calls them “crazies”) that are desperately using every effort to badmouth what is a done deal that will be great for Franklin.

Mayer on Kayla’s Playground

His record. Originally Mayer was in favor of Kayla’s Playground being located at Froemming Park, against the wishes of Shelley Runte, and he voted against the Mayor’s veto on that. A motion was made by former Franklin alderman Janet Evans for the playground to be placed at the current site, Franklin Woods. Suzanne Mayer, Kristen Wilhelm and Doug Schmidt abstained. Mayer then voted in favor of Franklin Woods which was approved.

After Franklin Woods was ultimately chosen Mayer lost all support in moving the project forward.

As I’ve blogged in the past, I wouldn’t know Mayer if our carts bumped into each other at Sendik’s. He may be just like me, the absolute salt of the earth.

But my goodness, on the two biggest projects in the history of the city of Franklin he has firmly planted himself in the doorway of advancement, growth, and progress.  Mayer has also failed to support Mayor Steve Olson’s efforts at economic development in the city.

As a result I ask, what good is he to his district and the city? What are his goals and vision? If he exists on the council just to thwart the mayor and any attempt to better our city, again, what good is he?

Given his failure of a track record, Mayer needs to go.

On Tuesday I urge voters to select Michelle Eichmann for alderman in the 2nd district.

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An illogical voting priority in Franklin

I’m willing to bet 90% or more of registered voters in Franklin have no idea Tuesday’s election ballot includes candidates for the Franklin School Board.  It’s a flawed body. This group soaks you for the biggest portion of your property tax bill. Most, if not all candidates run on the promise to provide a quality education while keeping school taxes low. Yeh, right.

I’ve lived in Franklin since 1992. There hasn’t been a school board here yet that has been a friend of the taxpayers. For more than 25 years I’ve witnessed board members that have behaved as though they work for the superintendent instead of the reverse which it should be. No one on the board has the guts to stand up to the superintendent. Instead, they’re rubber stamps.

A few, like a handful, of school board yard signs have popped up in my neighborhood. You know what means? Absolutely nothing. Yard signs only make candidates and their followers feel good. That’s it.

On the ballot in Franklin are these school board candidates:

Debbie Larson, incumbent

Alex Aleksandrowicz, incumbent

Mike Spragg, newcomer

Two of the above three will be elected.

Here’s what stands out to me in this particular election. It’s the argument why we should vote for Spragg. One person commented on one of my previous blogs:

There is a new candidate running for Franklin School Board in April. Mike Spragg, who actually has children IN the public school system. As of June of 2019. NOT one Franklin School Board member will have children IN the public school system. (the one person has a senior who graduates in June).


Out of all the possible issues affecting an election this should be high on the list of considerations?

This thought process isn’t all that bright. A candidate without kids in the school district…somehow that’s a negative? Should that disqualify someone for running for or actually holding office?

Using that incredibly illogical approach, then we shouldn’t tax taxpayers who don’t have kids going to Franklin schools. That would stop collections from 70% of Franklin households. See how ridiculous the “no kids in Franklin schools” position is?

My personal perspective? I’m not voting for any of the three. Two will get in, that’s a given. But not with my help.

Debbie Larson is a perennial disaster, no ambassador for the taxpayers and no supporter of anyone who might dare to refrain from kissing school administration’s ring.

Alex Aleksandrowicz? What in the world has he done?  ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Mike Spragg? You have kids? Good for you. But I need more than that to vote for you.

My vote is really, really, really important to me. So important that if no candidate impresses me, I’m leaving the whole slate blank. A candidate has to EARN my vote.

No Franklin school board candidate next Tuesday truly impresses me. None has earned my vote. None will get my vote. And I’m so cool with that.

Today’s highly interesting read (03/26/19): Mainstream media should be apologizing to the American people

Today’s read is from Sean Hannity. Here’s an excerpt.

We now have 675 days, $25-plus million, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, 500 search warrants, doors kicked down, pre-dawn raids, felony convictions for process crimes, screws turned to get people to lie to hurt the president. Other lives were ruined, legal bills mounted for so many Americans, many of whom are now facing bankruptcy…

You can’t obstruct an investigation into a crime you didn’t commit. There was no collusion — there cannot be any obstruction. No charges will be filed. The Mueller media witch hunt is finally over.

The big question for this country shouldn’t be about conservative, liberal, Democrat, Republican. It should be this: Where do we as a country go from here? How do we prevent this unprecedented attack on a duly-elected president and an effort to then overturn the will of the American people from ever happening again?

Read it all here.



The latest pro-life news (03/25/19)


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