It’s so important that you vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn on April 2

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In just a few days, the future of the Badger State will be decided at the polls. AFP-WI is putting its support behind Judge Brian Hagedorn, the best choice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Here’s why:

·        Judge Hagedorn believes in an independent judiciary that decides cases based on the rule of law, not partisan politics.

·        Judge Hagedorn understands that power rests with the people, not government.

·        Judge Hagedorn will uphold the Constitution and interpret the law as written.

·        Judge Hagedorn recognizes that all people have constitutional rights and will apply the law fairly to everyone.

As our state’s most powerful court, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has the power to shape the laws that govern and affect the everyday lives of millions of Wisconsinites.That’s why it’s so important that you vote for Judge Brian Hagedorn on April 2.

The AFP-WI team will be vigilantly monitoring the results of this election. Make sure to connect with us on Facebook, if you haven’t already, to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the Badger State.

For Freedom,

Eric Bott
Wisconsin State Director
Americans for Prosperity

Paid for by Americans for Prosperity. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s agent or committee.

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