Franklin residents, when Alderman Dan Mayer knocks on your door this weekend…

Consider asking him any of the following:

1) What do you consider your greatest achievement while in office?

2) Why have you consistently voted for property tax increase budgets?

3) After you voted in favor of the approved Kayla’s Playground site, why did you suddenly stop voting in favor of proposals the playground needed to move forward?

4) Why have you failed to support Ballpark Commons? It seems vocal Greendale residents  have gotten to you.

5) Why did you verbally abuse a volunteer Franklin parks commissioner at a public meeting?

6) Why have you stood in the way of Mayor Steve Olson’s pro-growth attempts to build the city’s economy?

If he fails to answer with specifics, re-state the question and ask him to answer directly.

Then on Tuesday go out and vote for Mayer’s opponent, Michelle Eichmann.

7 thoughts on “Franklin residents, when Alderman Dan Mayer knocks on your door this weekend…

  1. This from a blogger who takes money from Taylor. Oh Kevin, if you take sides be transparent. You are just like all lobbyists


    • I receive no compensation, none for this blog. I’m a blogger meaning I state a point of view. I do not lobby. Grant Johnson’s comment is blatantly false and idiotic. Same goes for John Wagner. They really need to respond to the actual blog content, but apparently are not capable.


      • Kevin, what if I can prove you have taken pay? Also, be very careful what you say about people personally, it may prove to your detriment. You should be clued in to what’s happening in Franklin. I believe you are as clueless as the candidates you support.


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