Who’s the favorite to win the NCAA basketball tournament?

What if we were to focus solely on free-throw shooting? How would the teams remaining in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament rank in team free-throw shooting percentage? This is according to the NCAA for the season in games played through March 24, 2019, the very latest stats.

Tennessee is the best free-throw shooting team left in the tournament at 76.4%. For a team percentage that’s very, very good.

Who’s next in second? That would be Gonzaga at 76.2%.

And then VA Tech at 76%, Michigan State at 75.7%, LSU at 75.4%, Florida State at 74.6%, Kentucky at 74.4%, North Carolina at 74.2%, Virginia at 74.0%, Purdue at 73.2%.

To get below 70% you get Duke at 68.7%.

If you think this analysis is unimportant or not significant, watch these video clips from the 2008 Memphis/Kansas championship game.

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