In Franklin, aldermanic candidate hits incumbent as being too progressive

And she’s right.

Challenger Michelle Eichmann is blasting Franklin Alderman Dan Mayer in a mailer that reads:

Who is Dan Mayer???

Dan Mayer has spent the past 6 years hiding from the voters in order to conceal his
progressive beliefs.

Dan Mayer has voted to raise your property taxes at every opportunity. As an alderman and former school board member, Dan Mayer hasn’t seen a tax increase that he won’t support. He is the epitome of a tax and spend liberal.

Dan Mayer voted for outrageous high cost employee benefits that taxpayers fund,
same benefits that taxpayers like yourself don’t receive in the private sector. Why?? Because Dan Mayer is a government employee in a neighboring municipality.

Dan Mayer bailed on his community to further his own career once again proving he doesn’t have the City of Franklin’s best interest at heart.

Dan Mayer is anti-growth, anti-economic development, was anti-Kayla’s Playground, and after voting for Ballpark Commons is now anti-Ballpark Commons because he is up for re-election.

If Elected…..

I will not vote for a budget that raises taxes.

I will support economic development to reduce our tax burden.

I will work with residents to provide a great quality of life.

I will openly listen to ALL concerns of the residents in my district.

I will work with our Police and Fire Departments to maintain a safe community.

I will be a community leader you can trust and depend on.

I will ALWAYS put Franklin First.

Authorized and Paid for by Friends of Michelle L. Eichmann, Paul Dausman, Treasurer

Please share with your friends and neighbors in District 2

6 thoughts on “In Franklin, aldermanic candidate hits incumbent as being too progressive

  1. RE. Michelle Eichmann statement: “I will support economic development to reduce our tax burden.” [sic]

    ~~~~~~ This hackneyed and unoriginal statement, commonplace with Franklin politicians, has shown itself to be far from reality as possible. We have not seen it yet and never will because big economic development never becomes a factor regarding lowering taxes. Lowering taxes is accomplished by wise management and principled spending, i.e.; not subsidizing ballparks, industrial developers, and short-changing tax revenues with TIF.


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