Did you hear about the Hales Corners Fire Department?

From the Journal Sentinel:

The Hales Corners Fire Department is investigating why three on-duty personnel were unable to respond with a fire engine to a January car fire.

Village Administrator Sandra Kulik said that the morning of Jan. 16, three part-time firefighters who didn’t have certification for driving a fire engine were on duty when a 59-year-old woman reported her car was on fire.


There was no one in the Hales Corners Fire Dept. on duty at the time of the call that could drive a fire truck.

I’m no firefighting expert, but how does this happen?

I just assumed a “firefighter” knew how to drive the fire truck.

This incident has some folks using it to push their argument that places like Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale, et al need to consolidate their emergency response services. My mayor, Steve Olson, is open to that possibility with the goofy PR stance he’s willing to spend money on a study even if the results of spending money on a study on consolidation would result in the same quality of service we now have.

Huh? WTH!

So does this case demonstrate the need for consolidation since Hales Corners needed outside help?

My view? Not necessarily.

How about Hales Corners address their deficiencies. Get firefighters to get certified to drive a truck. Can’t be all that tough.

Hales Corners, fix your scheduling troubles so you don’t have your pants down when a situation arises and no one on duty can start the truck.

One thought on “Did you hear about the Hales Corners Fire Department?

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