Dear Franklin, please attend the Shamrock Club St. Patrick’s Parade Saturday

It’s in downtown Milwaukee, beginning at noon. With all due respect, someone from the body that organizes the Independence Day Parade in Franklin needs to be there, watch, observe, make and take notes about how a parade is supposed to run.

Last July 4 it was the same old, same old in Franklin. Nothing had been done to rectify an annual problem.

I took my trustworthy stop watch along and timed a few, not all of the gaps between parade units.




That may not sound all that awful (it really is), but a three-minute delay in hot, steamy weather can feel like a six-minute gap.

There was mumblin’ and grumblin’ in my area about the delays.

Again, the parade initially got to my area at 11:17. The street spots on Drexel were all filled. But by 12:10 the crowd had diminished substantially. People fed up with the long dead spots in the sauna bath said forget it, we’re outta here.

Of course my assessment will result in several reactions.

1) How  dare you criticize Franklin!

2) You’re just a meanie!

3) You’re flat out wrong!

4) Why don’t you volunteer? My response: How about the volunteers already in place just fix the problem?

5) Why don’t you run for office? Well, if I don’t have time to volunteer (or desire), why or how could I run for office?

6) And my all-time favorite: Don’t like it? Then move! Wow, that’s mighty neighborly.

This isn’t rocket science. Unit 5 goes behind Unit 4. Shortly after Unit 4 marches off then Unit 5 needs to follow. And so on and so on.

Franklin has about four more months to figure this out.

Meanwhile, see you at the parade Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Dear Franklin, please attend the Shamrock Club St. Patrick’s Parade Saturday

  1. There is certainly nothing wrong with pointing out shortcomings that can be corrected. Too many people are reluctant to do this because they feel they will be a victim of rejection somehow. This kind of attitude is weak and cowardly as nothing positive in the way of improvements can be accomplished. Usually, the oversight will continue without correction until someone points it out and explains how gravely it is affecting the majority of those who are affected by it.
    So, congratulations to those who seek to cultivate improvements and advancements and dispense with inept performances.

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