IN DEPTH: ‘Dark stores’ tax fight heads to Capitol

As leaders of municipalities all across the state continue to fight the so-called “Dark Stores Loophole,” they have benefited greatly from their propaganda campaign, thanks to a news media that has completely bought in with extremely one-sided coverage.

My mayor, Franklin’s Steve Olson, has been one of many to push an agenda in a very unfair manner, going so far as to suggest on his Facebook page that the city getting beat in court time after time on this issue will result in funding “not going to keep our children safe from lead poisoning.”

Children might get poisoned, could suffer. That’s a tactic usually employed by the left.

Amidst the beyond sloppy and not-at-all objective journalism on this topic comes Ben Bromley of the Baraboo News Republic. Bromley has written an analysis that’s the very best and the most fair of any that’s been published in all of Wisconsin.

I encourage you to read the entire article for information Olson and all the others will never tell you.

6 thoughts on “IN DEPTH: ‘Dark stores’ tax fight heads to Capitol

  1. In the article Marous whined; “Online shopping has reduced brick-and-mortar retailers’ market share, prompting store closures. Supply of big-box buildings is greater than demand. “You have to adapt to the realities, the changes in the market,” [sic]

    Since when is the public taxpayer in the business of subsidizing these mega profiteers by giving them tax breaks that our dollars will have have to make-up for when budget time rolls around? This is downright socialism!
    Furthermore, loopholes, by definition, are the means to give certain parties the means to cheat and force others to carry their tax burdens. This scam has been structured by crooked politicians who are on the payroll of these mammoth money mongers.
    It was great enlightenment for many how we as taxpayer were getting cheated by the Dark Store Loophole. Time to get out the pitchforks.


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