Once again the city of Franklin did what it does best

Spend money. The headline on My South Now:

Franklin and Greenfield are funding another study to explore shared fire department services

The key word there is “another.”

Let’s examine the news report from the website with excerpts in bold,

Franklin and Greenfield are funding a study focusing on where the two fire departments might be able to share services, such as personnel training or vehicle maintenance.

It’s the second time in seven years the two participated in such a study, and more communities may still participate.

That’s right. This has been studied before. But the Franklin Common Council just can’t help themselves. Dangle an opportunity in front of them to spend taxpayer dollars and they pounce.

I’ve been a close observer of politics for more than 40 years. Two of the most frustrating actions elected officials can and often do make are 1) Let’s form a committee, and 2) Let’s conduct a study. Either one is a clear indication they  have no idea whatsoever what they’re doing or what they should do or what they are going to do.

During the week of Feb. 18, the Franklin and Greenfield common councils authorized the two communities to each spend $5,000 to hire the Wisconsin Policy Forum to conduct the study, which will examine ways the two departments could potentially share services.

Only $5,000. But how does that old saying go? It’s the principle of the thing.

A 2012 study, also by the Wisconsin Policy Forum, explored service-sharing opportunities between fire departments in Franklin, Greenfield, Greendale, Hales Corners and Oak Creek. It provided three models with varying levels of shared services between the fire departments, although none of them decided to pursue any major changes, according to Greenfield Fire Chief Jon Cohn.

Ponder that. The same group did the same survey years ago and offered not one but three solutions. Nothing was done. Now we’re asking them to reinvent the wheel.

When the study will be completed has not been determined, Cohn said.


(Franklin Mayor Steve) Olson said this new study was a good idea that doesn’t commit the city to anything.

In other words, the money would be spent, the study would be done, and ultimately nothing could change. That’s wise and prudent, how?

If you’re scratching your head you’re not alone. I’ll bet lots of folks are wondering if Franklin, we’ve  been told, can’t handle the current emergencies with what we’ve got, then how can we deal with assisting other municipalities?

Common sense is a rarity at Franklin City Hall. But here’s an example.

Franklin Alderman John Nelson expressed some concern that Franklin residents could be put at risk if Franklin’s service area is expanded into Greenfield.

“I pay taxes to have what we have,” he said.


Look for this study to be deposited into a drawer, collecting dust, just like the one in 2012.

I close with this. Explain to me how this potential government program will save taxpayers money. There aren’t that many that do.

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