In Franklin, what if Le Roy could pull it off?

There’s only one primary election in the south suburban area Tuesday and it’s here in Franklin.

In the 2ND Aldermanic District the incumbent Dan Mayer is running as well as two challengers, Michelle Eichmann and Le Roy Lewandowski.

I know absolutely nothing about Eichmann so I cannot comment about her. But I know a lot about Lewandowski.

Look, let’s be honest. Mayer as the incumbent has a huge advantage. That’s unfortunate. He’s a bad alderman and needs to be sent packing.

Mayer is anti-Mayor Olson, anti-growth, anti-economic development, was anti-Kayla’s Playground, is anti-Ballpark Commons. He lacks any foresight, insight, or vision for the city. Some constituents have told me has been late to respond to their inquiries.

There are many reasons Mayer needs to go. One of the most serious was his behavior back in July of 2015, unbecoming of even an alderman in a city of 35,000.

Mayer’s conduct was outrageous, and even though he apologized much later the damage was done. A veteran parks commissioner’s renewal was rejected, not because of his performance, but because his comments bruised some fragile egos on Franklin’s Common Council.

There’s more to Mayer’s dismal record.

A June 2018  mysouthnow article about a Franklin Common Council meeting noted there were several items on the agenda dealing with approvals of various components of the Ballpark Commons project. Ballpark Commons is in Mayer’s district.

Many of the votes to approve were 4-1 in favor. Mayer was the lone ‘no’ vote every single time.

Obviously Mayer is no friend or supporter of Ballpark Commons. Hell, if I represented that district I’d personally be doing cartwheels and rolling out the red carpet.

City, county, state and other officials and special

On June 7, 2018,  the groundbreaking ceremony for Ballpark Commons was held.

Every Franklin Common Council member was there, except Mayer.

It’s apparent to me that Mayer has sold out to the vocal minority (on his Facebook page Alderman Steve Taylor calls them “crazies”) that are desperately using every effort to badmouth what is a done deal that will be great for Franklin.

Mayer was also a major obstructionist on Kayla’s Playground.

Plus, he’s been a thorn in the side of Mayor Olson and his efforts at enhancing economic development in our city.

Look, I wouldn’t know Mayer if our carts bumped into each other at Sendik’s. He may be just like me, the absolute salt of the earth.

But my goodness, on the two biggest projects in the history of the city of Franklin he has firmly planted himself in the doorway of advancement, growth, and progress.  As a result I ask, what good is he to his district and the city? What are his goals and vision? If he exists on the council just to thwart the mayor and any attempt to better our city, again, what good is he?

Yet, to repeat, he has a huge advantage in Tuesday’s election.

But what if somehow, someway, Le Roy Lewandowski pulls it off. Survives the primary. Then wins the general.

Lewandowski is 91 years old who has a computer and a car. He’s a curmudgeon with a capital “C.”

He persistently hammers city officials with e-mails. He attends many, many, public meetings and speaks at most, and quite frankly, is annoying. Everything being done by Franklin, and he will say on the record, is a “disaster.”

An Alderman Lewandowksi will ask 1,000 questions at every Council meeting, 500 more than my Alderman/woman/person/alder whatever Kristen Wilhelm.

Lewandowski will make the guy who said “There is no such thing as a stupid question”  look like a fool.

Every time he speaks every eye in the place will roll.

Lewandowksi will ramble more than any member of the Allman Brothers Band (Le Roy, if you’re reading, just trust me. It’s a great line).

Meetings will go on an on and on and on.

Mayor Olson, if he had any hair, will be pulling it out.

Lewandowski will drive the mayor, the entire Council, the city staff, the audience, even people in the parking lot, totally out of their minds.

I would love and actually pay to see it.

For Lewandowski who has a reputation of saying stuff that makes most folks grimace, when I ran into him this past weekend he spoke realistically.

“I don’t think I’m gonna win,” he told me with that constant grin on his face.

And if you do, I asked.

“I’m gonna try to straighten out the place.”

You’ll never ever get that to happen, I respectfully responded.

An Alderman Lewandowski couldn’t do that.

But my goodness it would be entertaining to watch. The current ineffective administration deserves an Alderman Lewandowski, if nothing else, to keep them on their toes.


Franklin Alderperson Dist. 2  100% reporting
Daniel Mayer – i 70% 248
Michelle Eichmann 20% 72
Le Roy Lewandowski 10% 36

5 thoughts on “In Franklin, what if Le Roy could pull it off?

  1. Franklin has too many lemmings. I’m talking about those who would have our pristine city despoiled and become just another extension of Milwaukee and it’s surrounding municipalities following the pied pipers of big development like Olson and his cabal.
    A composed environment consisting of family homes is what most people cherish. We need a bellwether at City Hall to advance the ideals of family-oriented citizens and dispell the hackneyed claptrap of “we need more industry and sprawling concessions that will lower our taxes.” We know for certain that this drivel does NOT help lower our taxes as “they” always promise. It never happens.
    The negative impacts and the footprints these “growths” produce are only fit for non-residential areas, and Franklin does not really care WHERE they scatter these commercial properties as we are forever fighting City Hall when they propose their radical placements that ALWAYS infuriates homeowners. Many lessons have been learned!

    The one and the only statement that you made that I agree with concerning Lewandowski and Mayer is: “If nothing else, to keep them (Common Council) on their toes.
    I believe we need gatekeepers on the council watching and reporting the contrary actions of those who are supposed to act in the will of the people.
    Nothing makes crooked politicians grind their teeth faster than dealing with alderpersons who, for altruistic reasons, try to save taxpayers money and thwart the collusions of city officials and big business, especially when these “public servants” see easy money slipping out of their grasps that could otherwise be used for grease to bolster votes and keep them in office.
    Shame on all of these mutts ! Be sure to include the con artist Steve Taylor in that mix.


  2. Over the years, I have witnessed Leroy attend many meetings and offer comment. He presents his point of view which is still allowed in this country. It can be said that he also studies the subject before he comments, which is something that most politicians can’t lay claim to.

    During my previous tenure as a chairman of a commission, I was witness to many of Leroy’s comments during citizen comment periods. He was always prepared and had his facts straight. His point of view was always driven by fiscal prudence. We didn’t always agree, but I felt he offered sound logic in his pleadings.

    As some may know, I had my issues with most of the current slug of common council members. Behind the scenes collusion was occurring and personal political agendas were, and still are, driving the motivations of some on the council. Dan Mayer was always in the midst of the fray and was called out. Something that he took offense to. Yet in a face to face meeting, he admitted as much, but is still participating to some degree. For some reason, there is a belief that it is OK to lobby other members and do deals outside of the public domain. It’s a way of life in politics and it exists at all levels of politics. It seems to exist on a frequent basis in Franklin.

    Personally, I wish Leroy success in unseating Dan Mayer. I doubt Leroy will get caught up in the double dealing that occurs and is not an empty suit willing to go along with the crowd. I have not been privileged to a conversation with Leroy for over 2 years. Yet, I can pretty much assure everyone that he is a much better candidate than the current occupier of the seat.

    Dave Pautz


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