This person needs to run for public office

He totally gets it. The vast majority of elected officials do not, especially here in Franklin.

Here’s a letter to the editor that appears in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Taxes are the problem

Why cannot our government simply cut our taxes or shut programs and reallocate those funds? Take, for example, the transportation funding here in Wisconsin. The discussion has been all about raising taxes, whether through a gas tax or, worse, tolls. Not one mention of cutting the size of government to pay for this. Why?

At home, if we get less income, we immediately cut back purchases or remove services we use to compensate. Same with private business. Why can’t the government do the same? If fixing roads is that important, then we should cut other, less important programs to fund this. Raising taxes should be the last resort.

The problem with government is the budgets it makes are so out of touch because the money the bureauracts are playing with doesn’t belong to them. The average home and private business is more successful than the government in this regard.

Sadly, when we get our raises this year it will once again be gobbled up by more taxes; this is why the middle class cannot get ahead.

The only way to help the middle class is to cut taxes.

Pete Papageorge



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