Today’s highly interesting read (02/13/19): Once upon a display mattress

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Today’s read is from Jase Graves, an award-winning humor columnist from East Texas.

President’s Day is just around the corner. That means mattress sales.

Graves writes about he and his wife.

Our first task was to convince the mattress dealer assigned to stalk us that we weren’t interested in the section of the store featuring mattresses that, based on the prices, were stuffed with spun gold. So he grudgingly directed us to the affordable mattresses – for people who don’t really want to be comfortable. The mattress dealer then encouraged us to lie on the mattresses to get a feel for the softness level we required.

As I reluctantly lay on one of the display mattresses, thinking about all of the bodies that had lain there before me and wondering where I would go to burn my clothes afterwards, the mattress dealer encouraged my wife and me to position ourselves like we do when we sleep.

This suggestion presented two problems…

You can read the entire column here.

2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (02/13/19): Once upon a display mattress

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