The case of Jake Patterson screams for the death penalty

NOTE: The following is NOT a blog about the pros and cons of capital punishment.

FOR THE RECORD: During my broadcast career I’m proud to have won several awards for reports on this issue that explored both sides, including news reports and extended radio documentaries (one judge called one of them “network quality’).

Jake Patterson.

Patterson needs to die.

Patterson needs to be executed.

The clear reasoning why is right here, in the criminal complaint, if you can stomach it.

There are some crimes that are so abhorrent, so dastardly, so evil and cruel that they warrant the life of the perpetrator being eliminated.

In this case there is absolutely no chance of the wrong person being convicted and found guilty.

Can we really sentence the wrong person to die? The answer is an emphatic no. My extensive research shows the last time a wrongful execution took place in America was in the early 1970’s. Law enforcement has advanced significantly since then. And in this case it’s clear Patterson is “dead” to rights.

Unfortunately Wisconsin has no death penalty. There have been attempts to make it the law, feeble at best, over the last 25 years. They’ve gone nowhere.

So, Patterson will be found guilty on all counts. And we, the taxpayers, will foot the bill for his life in prison room and board, food, shelter, health care, etc., until he dies, which could be into his 70’s or 80’s. Who knows. He’s 21 right now. But don’t rule out him being killed by another inmate. Those guys have kids of their own.

Finally, one more travesty. Patterson will have lawyers arguing his case. They will be public defenders. He is entitled to this defense. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Can you imagine a day in a life of a public defender? The dinner table:

How was your day today, dear?

Well, I tried to get a double murderer and a child kidnapper off.

Jeffrey Dahmer Mugshot

Not since Jeffrey Dahmer has there been a more clear cut case that Wisconsin needs to implement the death penalty.

4 thoughts on “The case of Jake Patterson screams for the death penalty

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  2. He WILL DIE in prison just like Jeffrey Dahmer. Child rapists are guaranteed a horrible existence in jail and finally could see the shank in their neck.


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