The Dark Store loophole: “Misplaced frustration over property taxes”

I’ve blogged extensively about the so-called “Dark Store” loophole.

That bandwagon to abolish the loophole? I’m not on it.

Coverage of this issue has been extremely one-sided, leaving out critical details and focusing on the argument that uses a bumper sticker approach to gain support. Only a handful of media outlets have bothered to address the other viewpoint.

Congrats to whoever left a thoughtful comment on the Eau Claire Leader Telegram website (the paper inexplicably doesn’t identify him/her). The unknown writer calls ripping retailers that try to work to their own advantage “misplaced frustration.”

The comment continues, “Real frustration should be directed at the state level, where Republicans have refused to allow a vote on closing the so-called dark-store tax loophole.”

Here’s where I give the writer (who wants the Legislature to ultimately settle this) huge credit:

“Until then, it would be good for local governments to consider reducing their expenses rather than passing any additional tax burden onto homeowners or small business. Those who take every opportunity to reduce personal or business taxes should be celebrated, not attacked.”




One thought on “The Dark Store loophole: “Misplaced frustration over property taxes”

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