If you heard a cannon go off on the 4th of July, how would you react?

This would be a great talk radio topic. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Firing Civil War cannons to salute the Fourth of July has been deemed by Greenfield as a “loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise” and the Wauwatosa municipal court has backed that up.

Cannon-lover and collector Frank Markel was ticketed on July 4 for violating the Greenfield noise ordinance when his four Civil War cannons belched fire and smoke down Shady Lane Court where he lives.

With each cannon firing just once, the salute was finished in less than 30 seconds.

Markel was fined $1,000, all because neighbors, instead of talking to him, called the police instead. One of them said “knickknacks fell over.”

Let’s interject some common sense. From the newspaper:

“I believe he should be able to continue his tradition,” said Alderwoman Linda Lubotsky. “He’s been doing it forever.”

“If neighbors are so sensitive, maybe we should not have city fireworks,” she said. That’s the day for celebrating, Lubotsky said.

“Doesn’t Greenfield have bigger and better things to do than mess with the small people?” she asked.


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