Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “There’s Always Me”

If you’ve been watching NFL football the past several weeks you’ve seen this commercial.

“A little company.” Get it.

The Elvis impersonators were doing their take on a 1961 song by Elvis from this album.

Something for Everybody by Elvis Presley | Arena Music

A beautiful ballad, we could easily blog that song from that 1961 LP, but instead, from an amazing track of Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The video somehow manages to squeeze Elvis’ career into two minutes. Yes, it’s obvious how.


The husband-wife team of “Captain and Tennille” rose to major stardom in the mid-70’s with the Grammy-award winning #1 smash “Love Will Keep Us Together.” A weekly TV variety show on ABC quickly followed.

The Captain, Darryl Dragon, is the son of orchestra leader Carmen Dragon. He got his nickname when he toured with the Beach Boys, always wearing a nautical hat.

When you watched or heard him you’d swear he was playing a half dozen keyboards at the same time.

Vocalist Tennille could also handle keyboards.

Their second album included a boogie track, written by Tennille and inspired by one of the Captain’s influences, performed here on Tennille’s TV talk show that was broadcast 1980-81.

Image may contain: 2 people

After 39 years of marriage, Tennille divorced Dragon in 2014. She expressed a lack of intimacy.

Image may contain: 2 people, shoesDragon died on Wednesday.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

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