Today’s highly interesting read (01/02/19): Practically Pernicious in Every Way

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Somehow we managed to get tickets for New Year’s Day, a $5 Tuesday at Marcus Theaters, for Mary Poppins Returns.

As a family we had watched Mary Poppins at home with the past week to get us ready for the new film.

Sequels are always a bit of a risk, but we loved it. So did the Hollywood Reporter’s Dave Rooney who gave a glowing review last month:

Its old-fashioned, honest sentimentality plasters a smile across your face and plants a tear in your eye, often simultaneously. Sticking close to the enduring classic’s template while injecting plenty of freshness to give the follow-up its own distinct repro vitality, this lovingly crafted production delivers both nostalgia and novelty.

The review includes the following:

This is a charmer only cynics could resist.

Meet the cynic.

Oren Cass is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who writes:

I’d never sworn in front of my kids, until our drive home from watching Mary Poppins Returns. The real Mary Poppins would have understood—in fact she might have done the same, had she seen what Disney did to one of children’s fiction’s classic characters and most poignant stories.

Cass then lets loose. I wonder if he was at the same movie. Bet he’s an absolute delight at parties.

Cass’ overreaction is exactly why I put little if any stock in reviewers of any kind. Want to decide if you’ll like that film, play, album, book, or restaurant? For heaven’s sake go find out for yourself.

2 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (01/02/19): Practically Pernicious in Every Way

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