I didn’t care for New Year’s Eve TV years ago, but I sure miss it now

I have definite memories of December 31 as a youngster.

The tree of course was lit and Dad post-dinner was spread out on the couch. Mom knew the drill. As the night got later, first came a Dad favorite, Ma Baensch’s premium marinated herring fillets.

That was followed by raw beef and onions and rye bread. Mom was a saint.

At 10:00, guess what? The 10:00 news silly. After the news it was to CBS and live coverage of Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadiens. I would retreat to my bedroom and watch Dick Clark.

But observe Guy Lombardo and this tribute video many years after Lombardo died. You decide. Corny. Outdated. Silly. Too old fashioned.

Or a great time we miss. Classy. Elegant. Mom and Dad somehow found a way to stay awake.

Today, I love and miss the Johnson Rag.

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