Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: “Probably the greatest Christmas album ever produced”

The headline quote above is attributed to a writer on social media referring to this album:

In 1963, this album was released on the RCA Camden label with one review on the Internet claiming it is “by far the very best album of Christmas music that has ever been produced in the history of mankind.”

I kid you not.

What an album. There are more 40 minutes of rich and lush instrumental Christmas music. If you were a child or teen when it came out, BORING. Not so much as you’ve gotten older.

From a comment on social media:

It’s incredible to read that others from the ’60s and ’70s remember this album. Each year during those “kid” years, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Rudolph, Frosty and the cartoon Grinch would come on only once on commercial television. Making sure that we watched was a family event. Kids would talk about it at school. However, concerning this album, the minute you heard the crack and pop of the record player needle hit the vinyl, such comfort and warmth accompanied the soft, Christmas music. In our home, this specific album would play over and over again: making cookies, setting up the tree, etc.  The memories it brings back and the nostalgia are nothing short of miraculous.

What you’re about to hear won’t be played on FM radio. But it certainly can be heard here.

On Main Street at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

Here are the very suitable words that are printed on the back cover of this LP record album, which more than adequately describe “The Spirit Of Christmas”:

The modern era of “pop” hits has produced a number of wonderful Christmas songs which have become an indispensable part of the holiday sound and scene. In the mid-1950s, a remarkable calypso Christmas song was recorded by Harry Belafonte. ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ was a world-wide hit but so deeply identified with the Belafonte artistry that few others have dared perform it. In this album, the Living Strings do–and instrumentally capture the unique West Indian flavor in the song.


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