Should Packers coach Mike McCarthy have been fired?

The answer is yes. But not now.

As Packer fans we’re all unhappy about how the season has unfolded. Sunday’s disappointment made frustrations even worse.

That Mike McCarthy’s job was in jeopardy wasn’t exactly front page news. But should he have been unceremoniously dumped after his supposedly reliable kicker missed an easy field goal Sunday, the same kicker who missed five kicks against an inferior Detroit team many weeks before?

McCarthy’s record, notwithstanding this season has been the kind coaches dream about that included a Super Bowl win.

Lately McCarthy has had an unusual public riff with QB Aaron Rodgers. They’ve not been getting along on play calling, etc.  Normally this kind of crap goes on behind closed doors. Not anymore in the age of a media that knows if you jaywalked.

My dad used to say in baseball, management can’t fire the team. It’s much easier to fire the manager. Same is true in the NFL.

The Packers, a high quality organization we’ve been told and thought, did a knee jerk on Sunday.  The 20-17 loss to the bottom feeder Arizona Cardinals was beyond disappointing for sure. But the Packers, who recently have been a strong finisher in the final weeks of the season, shockingly terminated their coach.

Any potential successor to McCarthy has to be wondering: Who’s really running this team? Their head coach, or Rodgers?

As I’ve often mentioned on TV or radio talk shows I’ve been a participant, there’s a larger issue at play here.

It’s called loyalty.

And it’s been an issue for a long time, not just in the NFL.

Loyalty means nothing, whether it’s in pro sports, or in the workplace, all across America.

Exemplary service means nothing,

Years of service mean nothing.

Mike McCarthy deserved the rest of the season to see what he could salvage.

Finally, you can’t wax a floor without any wax. A sharp national sports analyst noted in the past week that Aaron Rodgers has “no weapons.”

Rodgers didn’t lash out at the general manager that failed to stock the shelves.

Note to Rodgers: McCarthy is gone. You still have no weapons.

Green Bay is a team and organization in trouble. That doesn’t change even if McCarthy is now suddenly gone.

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