Week-ends (11/24/18)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


The Santa Train

Mystery Santa

South Carolina students

Mary Brittain


Election fraudsters on skid row in LA

LOT Polish Airlines employee

These students


“The fire came through so quickly that many people weren’t even out of bed. When this fire started at, I think, 6:45 in the morning, there was a lot of – this is an elderly community, so a lot of people were still in bed.

“So they’re being found in their bed. They’re being found in their recliners. They’re being found in the bathtubs, the cars trying to escape – any place of refuge that somebody would go to try to escape this wall of flame.

“You think about the chaos that these people went through – that, to me, is what’s tough. For Day 1, we found two people in a car. And I can’t imagine what those people went through at their last moments. So I think that’s what bothers me more than anything.”
Sergeant Greg McKenzie of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office in California. He’s been searching since the day after a massive wildfire erupted on November 8.

The president’s attacks on the news media constitute “the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime.”
etired Navy Adm. William McRaven. The former Navy SEAL led the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

“Wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that, wouldn’t it have been nice?”
President Trump in response to McRaven

“Three chambers of government…presidency, the Senate and the House.”
Gaffe by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY

“The media has a right to give the president coverage as negative as they want. And Donald Trump has a right to criticize those media people and institutions and to go around them.

“It is why I’m nonplussed when people suggest Trump shouldn’t tweet so much. No president has ever so desperately needed a communications vehicle independent of the national press corps.”
Paul Jacob, president of Citizens in Charge, a non-profit, non-partisan group working to protect and expand voter initiative rights

“Alas, Democrats being Democrats, some House rebels have decided to celebrate the party’s return to power by trying to dump their House leader – the same leader who, by dint of her strategic savvy and fundraising prowess, deserves major credit for leading them back to power. Yup, their first official act is to launch an intraparty feud. Go figure.”
Dick Polman is the national political columnist at WHYY in Philadelphia

“Put away your stupid iPhones and computers. Yes, I know I’m on Twitter all the time and I’m writing all the time on my computer, but I have a freaking wife, and she’s not made of electrons. She’s Cuban, so she’s made of fire and viciousness.

“Just get off the electronics. Talk to people. Try it. Yes, if you say ‘Hi, my name is Kaden. Would you like a drink?’ at least 17% of the recipients of this polite inquiry will blow their rape whistles and preemptively wet themselves. But this gives you important information – that person is an idiot. Go talk to the next one.”
Columnist Kurt Schlichter reacting to an Atlantic article that millennials aren’t having sex. The article stated “According to a November 2017 Economist/YouGov poll, 17 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 now believe that a man inviting a woman out for a drink ‘always’ or ‘usually’ constitutes sexual harassment.”

“I am pleased to announce that today’s lucky bird and guest of honor is named Peas along with his alternate named Carrot.

“Unfortunately, Carrots refused to concede and demanded a recount, and we are still fighting with Carrots. I will tell you we’ve come to a conclusion. Carrots, I’m sorry to tell you, the result did not change!”

“Peas, and Carrots will both live out the rest of their day at Gobblers Rest. However, it won’t be entirely a rest. Even though Peas and Carrots have received a presidential pardon, I have warned them that House Democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas.”
President Trump pardoning not one, but two turkeys at the White House

“I am onstage all the time. I have peed myself onstage. … The show must go on! I was very clever in this one moment. I stood up from my chair to get up and sing, I peed myself, and the puddle? I just knocked my glass of water over. I was wearing a skirt, thank goodness. … I stood up, it all came out, I was dry and the glass of water (was) on the seat. I think when you’re dyslexic you think ahead of these things.”
Country singer Shania Twain


Teachers who sexually abuse students still find classroom jobs


Abortions on the decline


Ivanka’s e-mails


Sex at 60 mph?



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