Culinary no-no #587


You all know where I live.

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When it comes to restaurants Franklin is no oasis. Not too long ago we received our Franklin Yellow and White Pages, tossed ever so nicely at the bottom of our mailbox. We snarfed ours up immediately. Guaranteed that up and down our block in Camelot, SE WI, that some of those phone books will still be where they are right now after the snow melts in April. Or May.

I perused ours a bit, especially that restaurant section for Franklin. Revealing. And very disappointing. One fast food joint after another.

Franklin’s best restaurant in my view, Casa di Giorgio, wasn’t even listed.

Here’s the larger point: Franklin residents wanting great dining options need to drive outside their city limits.

At this point we briefly turn it over to my wife and a portion of a blog she wrote in 2014.

Culinary yes-yes #61

When Kevin and I want fabulous meals, impeccable service, outstanding entertainment, and the feeling of walking into a family member’s home for dinner there’s simply one choice:

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Just for fun, I’ll crack open the menu to browse and I always listen politely to the specials our waitress recites. But really, I know what I’m eating before I even walk through the front door. That would be…

“A filet mignon with mushrooms and scallions encased in a pastry shell, served with cognac sauce and fresh vegetables. Done medium only.”

Yes, that’s the description of their Beef Wellington.

Beef Wellington
(Not the Packing House version, but a darn good one, wouldn’t you agree?)

A tossed salad with House Pepper Parmesan, steaming bread slathered with butter, baked potato with sour cream, and a glass (or two) of Cabernet will round out my dream meal and make me one VERY happy camper. To quote Kevin, taking me there is like getting his oil changed… he’s in good shape for another three months.

The precise history behind Beef Wellington is unclear. This seems to be a general consensus though. While I enjoy learning about a dish I particularly love, it’s really not the driving force behind me ordering it over and over. Even if I never heard about the good Duke, I’d still drool every time I thought of…

Fillet of Beef in Puff Pastry

It’s not a commonly-found item. To my knowledge, Joey Gerard’s (Greendale) and the Packing House (Milwaukee) are the only two Milwaukee-area restaurants that feature it on their regular menu. (Of course I’d be delighted to find out that I’m wrong. If I am, PLEASE leave a comment below!)

Incredibly tender beef, topped with mushrooms, wrapped in pastry. Seriously? How on earth would it be anything BUT a Culinary Yes Yes?
—-Jan. 12, 2014

OK. Regular readers know the drill. On this blog we bury the lead. There’s a lead up to the no-no.  Has the prelude been lengthy enough? Probably.

At the risk of making my lovely wife ill, here you go.

This week’s no-no.

Now that’s frightening.

Let’s dissect the article a bit with quotes followed by my responses.

“Looking for an impressively delicious vegetarian entree for your next holiday meal?”

Hell no.

“Put our vegetables Wellington on the table and watch your family and friends dig right in.”

First, I’m not  putting that anywhere in my house and second, if I did for my family and friends I guarantee loads of leftovers.

“Vegetables Wellington isn’t just for the holidays!”

It’s not even appropriate then.

“This delectable dish is easy enough to serve anytime you’re craving buttery bites of hot pastry, a mouthwatering medley of vegetables, and a tangy goat cheese fix.”

Honestly, I’ve never had that craving.

“You may just find some of your meat-eating family and friends converting to vegetarianism or, at least, more meat-free meals.”

That’s plain nutty.

“Let this recipe be a tasty springboard for your creative vegetarian desires.”

I repeat. Hell no.

Obviously the vegan life is not for me. I understand its growing popularity. Count me out.
As a famous octogenarian once said in a commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

And finally, I concur with the author.

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