Culinary no-no: Are you in a good restaurant?


NOTE:  Time did not allow for a new no-no this week. Please enjoy the following from October of 2012.

As I’ve written in the past, there’s a lot to ponder when venturing out to eat.

ATTITUDE: I just don’t feel like cooking.

NECESSITY: Maybe the frig isn’t as well stocked as you’d like.

WHAT: What am I hungry for?

STYLE: Do I go fancy or casual?

LOCATION: Do I head across town or stay close to home? Is getting there easy, and can I park with ease?

REPUTATION: A familiar spot or new place?

SPECIAL OCCASION: Does it call for a celebration?

Articles that outline the favorite eating spots and menu items of local chefs, to me are always of interest. Here’s an example.

The Huffington Post (yes, shocking but true, I peruse the Post) recently queried “ “four top restaurateurs and industry professionals” for “signs that they are in a good restaurant.”

Of course the views are all subjective, but some that fell into the no-no category were surprising.

Anything wrong?

Let’s try this…

Take a look…


Looks yummy!

Here are some restaurants Jennifer and I have dined at and loved…
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

The amazing Harbor House on Milwaukee’s fabulous lakefront.

Picasso at…

The Bellagio In Las Vegas. (Picasso Photos by Daniel Jones)

Image may contain: people sitting, table, indoor and outdoor

N9NE in Chicago (pre-Kyla days).

The historic Red Circle Inn in Nashotah, WI.

Orchids Restaurant view

Orchids at the Halekulani Resort in Honolulu.

At the Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

All of the above images demonstrate to at least one of the “experts” used by the Huffington Post a reason showing that you are not in a good restaurant. If this was a baseball game, they’d be batting .250. Though correct in some cases, the so-called “experts” (and that would include restaurant critics) show that they’re to be taken with a grain of salt.

Here’s the Huffington Post piece to read about what’s wrong with the Red Circle Inn, Orchids, Picasso, etc.


Offering food-and-drink deals on Election Day? It may not be legal

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Sweden, you have this!

What happened when my wife started to serve our kids fish for breakfast.

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