Go-go girls, Shock Theater, and what happened to scary?

Freelance journalist Randy Glaser is oh so right. Times have really changed. From his latest column:

Halloween just isn’t what it used to be.

Back in the old days, Halloween was dark and dreary. Few people decorated their homes for Halloween.

Those who did tried to make it as spooky and scary as possible. Think the Munsters or the Addams family.

Pumpkins were carved with scary faces. Skeletons were the decor of choice.

Today, pumpkins are happy, sometimes decorated with crayons and felt or carved with the logo of your favorite pro sports team. Homes are lit up with cute orange lights. Clever and light has replaced wicked and dark.

Instead of tombstones in the front yard bearing the names of Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein, there is the Pillsbury Dough Boy and such.

We’re really not into scary so much anymore.

And of course, costumes have also changed. Scary is out. Cultural appropriation is a big no-no. Cute and clever is in.

Blaser’s reference to the classic monster films brought back memories of my childhood.

It was the mid-60’s. My older teenage brother was so cool. He played rhythm guitar on his candy apple red Fender Stratocaster in a rock band. At least one venue had band members including my introverted brother playing next to caged go-go girls.

Gigs would take place on weekends. Sometimes Mom and Dad would go to watch. Other times they’d stay home.

When my parents weren’t watching Greg’s shows dad would be in bed sometime during the 10:00 news on a Saturday. Mom would stay up because she wanted to see Shock Theater. Mom, believe it or not, was a horror  movie freak. The creepier and scarier the better.

Joy of joys she’d let me stay up and watch Bob Beringer at the old Channel 18 host Shock Theater while Dad snored and Greg played for kids on the dance floor.

The movies were always the classic Universal monster flicks and I established an undying respect for them to this day.

My favorite, and I was truly sympathetic, was the Wolfman.

Bela was the best.

It’s alive!

One of my favorites as a youngster was when all the monsters appeared in the same movie.

Good Lord! Pandemonium!

I mus admit, to this day, I jump for joy when the Frankenstein monster throws that no-good weasel of a midget through the window.

Finally, in my view the best horror film ever made. My mother saw the film when it was first released and said people actually screamed when, well…let’s move on.

Happy Halloween!

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