Are the suburbs good places to trick or treat for outsiders?

Happy Halloween party with children trick or treating

The following is not a complaint. It’s merely a statement of fact.

Like many communities, Franklin held its Trick or Treat this past Sunday. I was out with Kyla for a while before she hooked up with neighbor kids and joined their group. I went home to watch the Packers blow their game against the Rams.

Every now and then a van would turn up, stop, and costumed youngsters would jump out, and the van would follow them up or down the street. We know the children from our neighborhood. Clearly these kids weren’t from our zip code.

Again, no complaints. No one asks for ID when the doorbell rings. I’m guessing some (maybe all) of the unrecognizable trick or treaters were from the city of Milwaukee.

If the sole intent is to get more candy, the drive into Franklin or any other suburb from the city just might be the wrong move.

The reason is nerdy, wonky, and based on a whole bunch of numbers.

Take a look.

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