No media bias here!

You tell me. The opinion area on the supposedly non-partisan the past few days…pretty one-sided over there.

Steven Walters: Voters could return divided power to Capitol

But will it mean compromise — or deadlocked government?

James Wigderson: Evers, Obama rally for Democrats at failing MPS school

When it comes to student achievement, the school scored 9.2 out of a possible 100. The statewide average score is 60.2 out of 100. The school “fails to meet expectations” when it comes to graduation rates, closing the racial achievement gaps and post-secondary readiness.

Dave Zweifel: This Walker ad takes the cake as most misleading

No, it’s not the spot that suggests Walker’s opponent Evers coddles teachers who like pornography, although that one is particularly abhorrent. The really misleading one is the commercial of the farmer who laments that Evers will raise all kinds of taxes that affect Wisconsin farmers who, we all know, are struggling to survive.

John Nichols: Walker echoes Trump, not Wisconsin

While Scott Walker is embracing the worst of Donald Trump’s destructive politics, Tony Evers is upholding the values of the state that my immigrant family has called “home” for almost two centuries.

Bryan Steil: Wisconsin-style solution: Education for the jobs of the future

In Congress, I’ll bring Wisconsin-style solutions to make education accessible for workers so they can earn the degrees and learn the skills they need to be successful.

Bill Kaplan: Evers, vote your heart and pocketbook

Vote your heart and pocketbook. Wisconsin needs change.

Paul Fanlund: Why people outside Madison should vote for Tony Evers and Tammy Baldwin

In the gubernatorial race, it seems clear that — after eight years of Walker — people are not getting what they want and need from state government.

Peter Bildsten: I respected Scott Walker. Then i worked for him.

National attention made the governor care more about his standing in the GOP than about the people of Wisconsin.

David Byler: Scott Walker’s last ride?

How Trump’s presidency might lead to the end of Walker’s governorship.


Bruce Murphy: Early voting by Democrats is higher

Madison turnout high, new Milwaukee system attracts bigger early vote.

James Rowen: Walker’s 8-year war on Wisconsin’s environment

His main weapon has been the formerly science-based and conservation-defined Department of Natural Resources converted into a defacto Department of Commerce and directed by business leaders and insiders as the ‘chamber of commerce mentality’ agency he demanded.

Bruce Thompson: Why Republicans lie about health care

The reality is they can’t create an alternative way to cover pre-existing conditions.

Tom Loftus: Tony Evers and the return of the citizen

What change does Tony Evers offer? A citizen governor, a back to the Founders’ idea of public education and modesty.

Dominique Paul Noth: Democrats, don’t dare give up on U.S. Senate

A powerful blue wave still has a strong likelihood of kicking Mitch McConnell and his ilk to the curb – and a powerhouse turn in the electorate is essential to truly blocking Trump.

James Wigderson: The target on Schimel

While the media and the Democrats will find a few cases that Schimel handled to try to nitpick, Josh Kaul’s record will go unexamined.

Dave Zweifel: Vote with eyes open on Nov. 6

To the surprise of no one who pays attention to tax plans, we once again are witnessing the failure of the GOP’s fascination with “trickle-down economics.”

Kathleen Vinehout: State jobs agency still a failure

Walker administration blames director who left in 2012, but four audits in six years show problems persist.

Tony Evers: As governor, I will put Wisconsin first

Wisconsinites deserve a committed leader who uses common sense and puts our state ahead of personal political goals. I have the record and the willingness to start putting Wisconsin first, and can actually follow through on the promises I make to this state.

John Nichols: Legalization of marijuana is a winning issue in 2018

In a poll, 64 percent of Wisconsin voters supported ending cannabis prohibition. Scott Walker opposes it. Tony Evers supports medical marijuana and is open to legalizing recreational use.

Bill Kaplan: Are Wisconsin Republicans fighting for farmers?

Family farms need real assistance to deal with low prices and oversupply.

John Torinus: President Trump is beyond divisive

He respects no one, maybe not even himself, and never seeks win-win outcomes.

Dan O’Donnell: The ABCs of Walker’s education spending

By giving districts that financial flexibility and also pumping more state money into their coffers, while simultaneously holding the line on state taxes through what Walker calls the “prosperity dividend” of his restoration of fiscal sanity in Wisconsin, the state’s education budget is healthier than ever … and it no longer needs to rely on federal handouts.

James Wigderson: Vukmir takes on Baldwin and the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association

An objective observer will tell you that Vukmir still fared well in the debate. However, she not only had to prevail over her election opponent, she also had to deal with the bias of the panel’s questions.

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