Week-ends (10/13/18)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In…


Luis Ocampo

Danielle Burns

Mike and Jennifer Stevens


Hurricane Michael

Hollywood execs


“So many lives have been changed forever. So many families have lost everything.”
Florida Governor Rick Scott on the devastation in the Florida Panhandle due to Hurricane Michael

“Refusing to pay child support. Randy Bryce is a deadbeat. He’s not fit to serve in Congress.”
Nancy Douglass — the head of a Lake Geneva radio station and chair-elect for the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association — has resigned from the trade association’s board amid criticism for appearing an ad ripping Congressional candidate Bryce

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. If we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”
Hillary Clinton

“Fear is not a proper motivator. Hope wins out. If you think about how you want your kids to be raised, how you want them to think about life and their opportunities, do you want them afraid of their neighbors? Do you want them angry? Do you want them vengeful?”
Michelle Obama pushing back on comments made by Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder that did not fit with Obama’s mantra of when they go low, we go high

“Maybe my father foresaw the future when he said in the early 1960s that he didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the party left him. Where are the Hubert Humphreys, Scoop Jacksons and Daniel Moynihans? Where are great Democratic statesmen of yesterday? They don’t exist.

“The Democrat Party is no longer the Party of FDR. It’s the party of destruction.

“Sometimes it almost makes me glad that my father is not alive to witness this sad state of our politics – or FDR. Or Lincoln. Or the Founding Fathers.”
Michael Reagan

“I could say I’m the most bullied person on the world. If you really see what people are saying about me.”
First Lady Melania Trump

“It is not concern and focus of mine. I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do. I know people like to speculate and media like to speculate about our marriage.”
Melania Trump

“President Bush and I are forever seatmates because of protocol – that’s how we sit at all the official functions. So he is my partner in crime at every major thing where all the formers gather. I love him to death. He’s a wonderful man. He’s a funny man.”
Michelle Obama

“We said we’re coming for Atlanta. Now we beat Atlanta. Now, we’re going for Milwaukee. Milwaukee is chilling at home, waiting for us. Three now, more to go. Four with Milwaukee. We are going to beat Milwaukee, too…four games, and the World Series again, but this time we’re going to win it.”
LA Dodger Yasiel Puig before the start of the Dodgers-Brewers playoff series. Milwaukee won the series opener, 6-5 at Miller Park Friday night.

Welcome to the land of cheese, where, for the longest time Friday night, the Dodgers stunk like a slab of Limburger.

Greetings from Miller Park, where, for the first seven innings, the Dodgers were as flat as stale Hamm’s.

Hello from Game 1 of the National League Championship Series in old Milwaukee, which the Dodgers began by aimlessly wandering around like broke tourists on a late night at Oktoberfest.

By the time they found themselves, it was too late.

With their hosts chanting, “Beat L.A.,” the Dodgers did just that, eventually losing with four errors, two passed balls and 13 strikeouts.
LA Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke

“Saved some money this year and bought Halloween candy at Aldi. I hope the kids like Skattles and 4 Musketeers.”
Simon Holland, humorist and stand-up comedian


11 infant bodies found in ceiling of former funeral home

Halftime skit


Trump talks to press nearly nonstop as wins pile up


Kanye and President Trump


Meet Harper Yeats




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