Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Hall of Fame?

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this week released the names of 15 musicians who could be inducted in 2019. One of the acts is Rufus and Chaka Khan, their third nomination.

To be nominated, groups or artists must have released their first commercial recording 25 years or more prior.

In 1969, Chaka Khan joined the Black Panther Party, worked with the organization’s free breakfast program for children, and dropped out of high school.

She later joined the band “Rufus.” Together they released their debut album in 1973.

After the group scored a number of successful hits Khan went solo in the late 70’s.

The singer reunited with the band for a live recording at the Savoy Theatre in New York in 1983, their final collaboration. Rufus quit shortly after the recording was released.

Here’s a track of one of their big hits that Khan helped write. Listen for some nice flute work.

"Tell Me Something Good" (Rufus)

Here’s info about all the nominees.

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