Poor customer service: Part 1 (the DMV)

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When I visited the DMV last week the experience I had was nowhere near like the one I had last December.

My task was a simple one so I was optimistic, void of the usual “God I hate having to go here” blues. All I needed was to renew a registration.

I pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes after the DMV opened. Not many cars. Good signs.

Walked into the building and there’s not a single soul in line. Even better sign.

The young woman then quickly informed me that “all our computers are down. It’s a  statewide issue. You can take a seat and wait or come back later.”

Two words never left her mouth.

“We’re sorry.”

Would have been nice to place a sign on the front door.

I did take a seat for five minutes hoping the dam would break. And then I left.

Not to worry. There’s another DMV on my way to the office. By the time I get there the computer glitch could be resolved.

And it was.

Took two minutes to renew my registration. But a 25-minute wait before I was summoned.

There has to be a better way.

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