On that phony “dark store” loophole, the local taxers hope you don’t read the Racine paper


They only want their side of the story out there.

A fair discussion of the issue? They’d prefer not.

Truth be told. They have a winning debate. The talking points are all in their favor.  So it’s in their best interest not to let people know what’s really going on. That is they’re hiding behind attacks on retailers to use as a shield for their property tax increases.

At least one media publication refuses to be a propaganda cheerleader for those local officials who, as they blast big retailers who provide tons of jobs in their communities, are privately planning property tax increases in their upcoming budgets (Yes, some of us are wise to them).

Here’s the latest from the Racine Journal Times. Ah, journalism the way it’s supposed to be. The side of the municipalities who are losing in court because they over tax businesses, and that pesky, dastardly other side.

Please read.

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