My Most Popular Blogs (09/17/18)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Best Cartoons of the Week (09/15/18)

2) The Aaron Rodgers comeback vs. the Bears is being compared to this NBA game

3) Unlike Franklin Mayor Steve Olson, WI newspaper recognizes more than one side to “dark store” issue

4) Today’s highly interesting read (09/14/18): Hurricane Florence: Here’s why I’m NOT evacuating

5) 2018 POO Awards – Week 5

6) Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: She’s got legs

7) The Barking Lot – America’s Finest Dog Blog (09/15/18)

8) Today’s highly interesting read (09/14/18): A crazed gunman nearly killed me — Leaders must do more to keep violence out of politics

9) 3RD UPDATE: Why do you want to be a police officer?

10) Goodnight everyone, and have a tall and tan and young and lovely weekend!


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