Today’s highly interesting read (09/12/18): The Teenage Casualties of Casual Sex

Earlier this week Edgar Mendez wrote an op-ed piece in the Journal Sentinel about STDs in the city of Milwaukee that included the following:

The city has the nation’s highest rate for gonorrhea and one of the highest rates for chlamydia and HIV infection for young men of color, the Journal Sentinel reported in March. That month, health officials and city leaders held a news conference announcing the discovery of an HIV and syphilis “cluster” in the city.

That young people in Milwaukee are at a high-risk for contracting STIs should be no surprise. Half of all new sexually transmitted diseases are acquired by people aged 15-24, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and one-fourth of sexually active adolescent females has an STD, according to CDC estimates.

But the research also shows that education helps reduce infections. The more young people know about sexually transmitted diseases — and how to protect themselves — the better.

That’s why today’s read is a blog I posted earlier this year.  Still timely. A must-read.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (09/12/18): The Teenage Casualties of Casual Sex

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