Unlike Franklin Mayor Steve Olson, WI newspaper recognizes more than one side to “dark store” issue

During my entire adult professional life I have read and continue to read a great amount of newspaper material.

Normally a newspaper’s editorial team or board forms an opinion and makes it case for that one opinion in written form.

Not so in a recent edition by the Racine Journal Times when it published an editorial dedicated to the so-called “dark store” loophole.

The newspaper took the minority approach of providing honest to goodness fair journalism by informing readers that this issue is complex. So complex that they refreshingly provided not one, but two sides of the argument on this item.

That’s in stark contrast to the likes of the local officials who are trying to disguise their tax increases by blaming large retailers they claim are not paying their fair share of property taxes, an extremely simpleton argument to make.

Yes, there’s another perspective to this debate other than this:

Big Corporations.



Too big.

Don’t pay enough.

We have no choice.

Must raise taxes on people.

And people fall for it!

Hell I would, too!

But when someone’s raising my taxes over and over and again (Franklin), I tend not to trust them. I’m just kinda funny that way.

The folks whining and crying and moaning and gnashing their teeth on this phony loophole deal are being totally disingenuous. They’re not telling the whole story. They’re not being 100% honest. They’re playing politics to make excuses to raise YOUR taxes.

That would include Franklin Mayor Steve Olson.

His buddy in this effort, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke.

And many others around the state.

Kudos to the Racine Journal Times, that while I believe leans in favor of closing the loophole, still had the principles, unlike the local tax and spenders, to give readers the chance to consider two rather than one viewpoint.

“While no one wants homeowners to have to pay more in taxes, we also don’t want to scare away businesses because of taxes.”

You will never, ever, hear that from Franklin Mayor Steve Olson. And that’s part of my disappointment with him.

Read the entire Racine Journal Times editorial here.

One thought on “Unlike Franklin Mayor Steve Olson, WI newspaper recognizes more than one side to “dark store” issue

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